How to maintain artificial animal plush toys?

1. Keep indoor cleaning as much as possible to reduce dust. Use clean, dry and soft tools to clean the surface of the toy.

2. Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight and keep the inside and outside of the toy dry.

3. When cleaning, take necessary measures according to the size. For small ones, first use the tape to stain the parts that are afraid of wear, put them into the washing machine, wash them gently, dry them, hang them in a cool place, and tap the toys intermittently to make them Fur, the filling is fluffy and soft; the big toy can find the filling seam, cut the suture, take out the special part of the filling special (eye cotton) can not take (better to maintain the appearance) with the tape to the wear-resistant parts department On the top, the outer skin is cleaned and dried, and then the filling is placed in the toy skin, neat and stitched.

4. For wool/cloth or dolls with high-intelligent electronics, machine cores, and stereos, be sure to remove the electronic components (some are not waterproof) or the batteries before they are cleaned.

5. After the cleaned toy is dry, comb it neatly along the direction of the fur with a clean comb or similar tool to make the fur smooth and beautiful.

6. Look at the cleanliness of the internal organs of the plush toys. Unqualified toy fillers, discarded plastics, fiber ropes, paper scraps, and even black cotton that is banned by the state.

7. Twist the eyes, nose and mouth of the plush toy to see if it is strong. If the small parts on the toy do not meet the national standards, it is a substandard product.

8, in order to be healthy, should regularly consume and clean the plush toys.

9. Simple and easy sterilization and disinfection method. The steam iron with high power can be gently reciprocated and ironed on the fluff, which has certain sterilization and decontamination effects.

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