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  • Flagship Store

    In 2018, we have four brand stores located in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Tianjin respectively. National Geographic's strong brand connotation and iconic brand image are the effective instruments to attract the public's attention, and diversified products provide consumers with various choices and also bring generous returns.

  • Brand Franchises

    National Geographic's image counters are also emerging throughout the country. Its versatile style has become not only an indispensable product of toys and mother-to-child channels but also the highlight of children's education centers, chains of fashion products, and new-style bookstores.

  • Regional Distribution

    We are committed to deep cooperation with channel providers, cherish each of our partners, and provide our greatest support from the customer's point of view including market price limits, regional protection, and more preferential discount policies, etc.

  • Channel Authorized Reseller

    The lovely attributes of plush toys, the rich images of animal friends, and the materials of science and education make a series of products, including National Geographic, attract their own customers in a channel expansion. We’ve established strong cooperation with our partners in the preschool education channel, 3C channel, and fashion product channel respectively, and more channels are waiting for you in the pursuit of our common success.

  • Amazing Gift

    As an exquisite gift choice, companies and organizations have also become our long-term partners, Bank of Communications, Taikang Life Insurance, and other institutions and channels have made this unique animal the preferred choice for festivals and activities.

  • Customization for Scenic Spots and Theme Parks

    With the vigorous development of theme parks in China, animals have become an indispensable part, and the cute plush animal toys can easily capture the hearts of consumers and serve for the profit of scenic spots.The eye-catching image of National Geographic provides another choice for the long-term healthy development of scenic spots, which helps to enhance the style of scenic spots

  • Media Publicity

    National Geographic’s rich media contents, including magazines, video programs, and popularization of science, transfer the cooperation with brands into the automatic disseminator of media exposure, which contributes to the marketing of high-quality products to a large extent.

  • Public Welfare Activities

    Endowed with the National Geographic Exploration and Natural Genes, we pay more attention to nature and environmental protection. Our cooperation with national animal protection programs, such as Here Come the Animals, Landscape Conservation Center by Peking University, SEE Conservation, Southwest China Wild and other natural protection organizations is deepening with each passing day, arousing people's attention to animals and nature with the adorable image of animals and make environmental protection sustainable with the help of commercial power.

  • Exhibition

    Bird Code and National Geographic Centennial Classic Image Exhibition and other influential exhibitions have won enormous media exposures. National Geographic's millions of fans provide unlimited possibilities for the brand franchise and business cooperation.

  • Pop shop

    Unique animal image and striking brand characteristics can quickly catch people’s attention, and hence the form of flash mob stores has become the first choice for businesses to make profits. In the past year, our flash activities in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and other cities have acquired prodigious fans additions and establishing itself as a popular activity for commercial real estate.

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