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Contact us——Welcome——Hotline:+86-0769-28337876

Contact us, Contribute to human's sensibility.
Whether you're just starting to explore merchandising or have a plan for five years' worth of products, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us about your ideas and we can build a plan together.
You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Tel:Tel::+86-0769-28337876
  • Email:Email::sales@wogatoys.com
  • Address:Address:2-1034 Chashan North Road, Chashan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

  • Contact PersonContact Person:Mr.guo
  • Contact PersonContact Person:Mr.peng
  • MobileMobile:+86-13925809575
  • MobileMobile:+86-18820757970
  • QQQQ:453609298
  • QQQQ:3075820698
  • EmailEmail:guorb@wogatoys.com
  • EmailEmail:pengxf@wogatoys.com

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