The Story of Us

In 1990, out of the passion for nature, a group of young Korean designers came to China and started this incredible journey.
Over the past 30 years, LEOSCO has been adhering to the design concept of respecting nature and design toys heavily based on real animal images. We select high-quality materials from all over the world. With the unique ingenuity and devoted craftsmanship, LEOSCO has designed and produced more than 9,000 various kinds of plush animal toys.
Now LEOSCO has become the global leader of the animal plush toys industry. Together with our partners, LEOSCO has brought these lovely animals to aquariums, zoos, and boutique stores covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has formed indissoluble bonds with numerous friends of all ages. Reaching from the east of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean to the west of the Vancouver Aquarium in North America, from the north of Helsinki Zoo in Finland near the Arctic Circle, to the south of Johannesburg International Airport located in the Horn of Africa, the soft touch, combined with the vivid and lovely image of the animals impress all our guests.


We have been cooperating closely with animal protection organizations and commercial organizations worldwide, including the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), National Geographic, UNIVERSAL, and Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, as well as enterprises and institutions, such as Singapore Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, Vancouver Aquarium, etc. These collaborations have enabled us to gain global expertise and guidance in the field of animal simulation, and also set strict world-class standards. Therefore, our plush animal toys possess not only lovely appearance, but also the safe quality and realistic style to follow their unique characteristics, so that people can gain a better understanding of these amazing animals that cannot be easily encountered in their daily lives. The magic power of plush animal toys makes countless friends at all ages fall in love with nature, care for animals, and retain the awe of nature and curiosity to explore more.

Wildlife protection and public welfare

Over the past year, we have also actively participated in the conservation of native species in China. Snow leopard, steppe cat, Tibetan fox, Chinese white dolphin, and other endangered species have come into public notice in the form of plush toys, gaining widespread praise and recognition. Through the cooperation with the Here Comes the Animals program produced by CCTV, we launched a series of animal-protection-themed Q&A programs, which attracted a myriad of fans. With the rapid development of Guokr, Southwest China Wild (, and Landscape Conservation Center by Peking University, China's wildlife conservation is booming, and the plan for the National Park of China is in the offing. With the strong support of the state, an increasing number of people are focusing on the natural environment left behind by our economic development. As the pearl of the natural environment, small animals attract the most attention undoubtedly. Your participation will enable us to achieve this goal faster. Animals are our friends, and we treasure every hint of compassion from children. Every year on June 1st, we send our plush animal toys to children in remote mountainous areas, so that children whose parents work outside and cannot afford toys can have the same animal companions as other children. Every time we see their smiling faces when they were given the toys, we can feel the value of our work from the bottom of our hearts.

National Geographic

Since 2016, we have been cooperating with National Geographic to enter into the Chinese market and launched a series of diverse activities in China. Every October, the stunning appearance of the Chinese Toy Show made Chinese consumers remember the over 130-year-old “yellow frame” of National Geographic. In 2018, we gave the parents who paid attention to quality and popularization of science a brand-new choice through CBME; our National Geographic “Run for the Earth” is held in different cities every year, also given the backing of Jackie Chan’s supports; we also offer colorful National Geographic Exhibition Activities: Bird Code, Classic Image Exhibition and other animal thematic exhibitions continue to boost the popularity of the yellow frame; the first Denial of "Plastic or Planet" Event held in Shenzhen in 2018, and we invited the famous movie star Huang Bo as our spokesman for the protection of the marine environment, which is the first year of our 20-year plan for the protection of the marine environment...

Since 1888, National Geographic, supported by the concepts of exploration, education, science, and environmental protection, has been supporting us all in our endeavors, and thus we can go further after reaching each peak. Further, our story in China has just begun...

If you are also enthusiastic about nature and environmental protection, yearning for the ambition to explore the wilderness, sympathizing with these beautiful wildlife, and hoping to see the bright smiles on the faces of children, please give us a little encouragement, support us, and complete the legends with us, so that our common stories can conclude with diverse colors and glory!

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