Sculpture and production of simulated wild animal toys in Dongguan

Dongguan simulation of wild animal toy sculpture refers to the use of resin in the production of molds, blanks and simulation processing, the production of bionic, imitation copper, imitation stone, imitation jade, imitation wood and other FRP products, a variety of effects, different appearance, lifelike FRP simulation wild animal toy sculpture craft products.

The simulation of wild animal toy sculpture originated from arts and crafts, so most of the artificial animal sculpture works have strong decorative and practical nature; pay attention to animal form characterization, add color to the statue, combine painting and complement each other, make the work have and painting The same beauty and appreciation of value; focus on the shape of God, with a concise animal sculpture language, showing a high degree of imagery beauty.

The image of the simulated wild animal toy sculpture is rich and rich, and the image of various animals such as sika deer, lion, unicorn, dragon turtle, cow, horse, etc., the image of the sculpture is realistic and vivid, and different artificial animal sculptures and crafts still exist. Different micro-processing methods, so we must continue to devote ourselves to innovation, in order to produce more exquisite, more practical, more market-oriented simulation crafts, in order to provide for different areas of home improvement, construction, film and television and other industries. More comprehensive service.

The production of simulated dinosaurs can be divided into two processes.

The first is a dynamic mechanical dinosaur, which uses steel to make dinosaur brackets, plus mechanical and transmission, uses a high-density sponge for three-dimensional processing to make musculature muscle parts, then adds fibers to the muscles to increase the strength of the dinosaur skin, and finally after dilution with silica gel. Uniform brushing on the dinosaur's muscles forms the dinosaur's epidermis, then sprays the color, and finally implants the control program so that a complete simulated dinosaur comes out. Such dinosaurs can make eyes, head, mouth, neck, claws, abdomen, legs, tails and other actions plus the appropriate sounds very vivid!

The second is the sculpture dinosaur. His production process and materials are divided into two types: 1. FRP material, 2. Cement sculpture. Steel is still needed as the skeleton of the dinosaur, and then attached to the skin of FRP and cement sculpture. Such dinosaurs can be made into different postures, and they are lifelike. But he can't do mechanical exercises. He is a fixed dinosaur sculpture.

Simulated dinosaurs use modern technology to create realistic dinosaurs based on dinosaur fossil computer restoration pictures. The restored dinosaurs look, shape, and movements are very realistic, vivid and vivid.

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