The following describes what is a simulated animal crafts

The animal is made of animal specimens of animal size, which can be said to be a leather animal toy. According to the animal's usual expressions and movements, the simulated animals are also different in shape and lifelike. With more and more pet lovers, pet supplies stores and pet hospitals have gradually prospered. However, for a variety of reasons, many people who like pets can't or are not suitable for pets, such as pregnant women, when the appearance of simulated pets greatly compensates for their needs. A lifelike simulation of a kitten and puppy, without feeding or taking care of it, can also bring happiness.


Leather hair, deep processing, a wide variety, smooth shape, dynamic and realistic, lifelike, soft and comfortable. Strong anti-destructive ability, not easy to break. No hair removal, no pollution. The leather hair has the characteristics of being easy to remove ash, and it can be kept clean for a long time (dust: combing while blowing, oil can be used; oil stain: dry cleaning, no washing)

How to clean:

Wipe with a damp cloth dampened with soap and then dry with a dry paper or cloth. Fur simulation animals use glue sticky hair, can not be washed, wipe can not be too hard, otherwise it will lose hair! If the fur is scattered, you can use the comb to properly handle it and dress it up as your favorite way to cash out her unique decorative value.

about the price:

The artificial animal crafts are high-end handicrafts. The quality of the products depends on the fineness of the craftsmanship and the advantages and disadvantages of the fur materials. The leather hair simulation animal crafts produced by our company are all medium and high-grade products. They are hand-built by old artists and use excellent rex rabbit fur or high-grade wool, which is different from ordinary fur products and plush toys of other similar products on the market.

Simulation of the use of fur animals

The modern production of artificial fur animals is not only used for daily viewing, but also used in various museums as photographic props. It can be used as a large exhibition hall to simulate animals. It is not only an art decoration for photography, film and television props, homes, hotels, hotels, office buildings, etc., but also a gift for the guests. While bringing joy to people, it also brought the gospel to the manufacturers.

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