What are the fabrics of Dongguan simulation animal plush toys?

Dongguan simulated animal plush toy fabrics mainly include: dense velvet, velvet, peacock, peach, velvet, fish bone, PV velvet and special finishing of the above products.

Among the more excellent fabrics are: South Korean velvet, Heim velvet, V yarn (more simulation animal toys), sheep velvet, coral velvet, super soft short velvet, shearing plush and so on.

The plush toy is a toy made of plush fabric, pp cotton and other textile materials, and filled with various fillers. It can also be called soft toy. Stuffed toy, China's Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao regions are called "plush dolls." At present, we habitually refer to the cloth toy industry as a plush toy.

The plush toy has the characteristics of vivid and lovely shape, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, convenient cleaning, strong decoration, high safety and wide application. Therefore, plush toys are a good choice for children's toys, decorative houses and gifts as gifts.

Since the outer fabric can be seen and touched, it is generally easy to reduce the cost, and most of the merchants are stealing the inside of the plush toy. The difference in the internal filling, the feeling of grasping, the resilience of the toy, the natural distribution of the filling, and the degree of contamination of the toy itself after washing. Generally, the main fillers used in the market are foam, sponge, cotton, PP cotton (three-dimensional cotton), PP vacuum cotton (three-dimensional vacuum cotton) according to the cost. There are also some of them mixed together. For the latter, I will introduce it later. Among them, PP cotton and PP vacuum cotton are of high quality. The best is PP vacuum cotton. Each of its fibers is hollow. Therefore, no matter how to reverse or press, the PP vacuum cotton will quickly rebound to its original state. However, because of its high cost, PP and cotton are still used in the formal market. The rebound ability and fluffy effect of PP cotton is better than that of cotton. The quality of the cotton wool is better than the sponge and foam. Poor is sponge and foam. Among these materials, PP cotton is more expensive than foam, and it is much more expensive than cotton. Therefore, many manufacturers have made articles on the fillings to obtain higher profit margins.

Here are a few comparisons between typical materials and PP cotton:

The foamed grain is outsourced as a filling, which has obvious layering feeling when the PP cotton is pinched, and the distribution of the filling is not uniform; the sponge outer cotton is more uneven in hardness and hardness than the PP cotton. The speed of the bomb is too fast; the PP cotton is harder than the PP cotton when it is gripped, and it is not easy to rebound. After gripping, there is obvious pit feeling, and the filling is unevenly distributed. There are even more bad molecules that use a lot of inferior materials that are polluted and harmful to the human body. The appearance of the plush toy processed with this kind of material does not show anything, but the toy made of PP cotton is not elastic, soft, and has a good rebound effect, and it will appear due to poor quality of the filling material. The more dirty the situation is. If you can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of adding stuff, you can say that the possibility of being deceived is much smaller.

1, dragging. Although the outer fabric is visible and tangible, it is not easy to distinguish the difference between the outer fabrics. Let's start with a simple way, which is to use the fingers to pull the surface plush of the plush toy. We know that the outer fabric is usually made of warp and weft, and then made of short plush or other plush. Fabrics that work well are not easy to rip with fingers, while imitations or counterfeits are easy to shed. This is because the outer fabric of good quality is very compact in the weaving process, and the attached plush is not easy to be dragged.

2, touch. There are many kinds of outer fabrics for plush toys. Such as short plush, Hem velvet and so on. This makes it difficult for us to distinguish the quality of the outer fabric. But we can still distinguish it by simple touch. When the surface of the outer fabric is touched by hand, the good quality fabric will not be shed and the hand feels soft. Some ultra-soft treated fabrics feel softer. The poor quality of the fabric, easy to lose hair, feel a bit hard, and some even make people can not buy. Since the quality of the fabric processing process is relatively complicated, the cost will increase.

3. Wait and see. Watching allows us to distinguish the quality of toys from two aspects. (1) Color (2) The charm of the shape, through watching, no matter what we feel about the overall shape of the plush toy, but there will be a feeling. Designed and well-crafted plush toys give a very cute and very appealing feel.

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