There are several situations in which animal dolls need to be cared for:

Physical and chemical factors: such as changes in temperature and humidity; strong and weak changes in light; proportions of impurities, dust, acids, alkalis, salts, etc. in the air may cause damage to animal models; biological factors: fur Damage caused by insects, microbial derivation, rat bites, etc.; human factors: damage caused by the extraction, handling, etc. of the simulated animal dolls during storage and use, and damage caused by improper preservation and preservation methods.

The preservation, management and maintenance of the simulated animal dolls are based on the texture and characteristics of the model itself, looking for the cause of damage, exploring the damage law, using scientific protection methods, extending the preservation and service life, and better playing the simulation animal dolls in various fields. The role of.

Illumination is a major problem in the preservation of animal dolls, but it has not been as important as the damage factors such as insects, wetness, and mildew. In essence, the simulation of animal dolls is the result of multiple factors interacting and is comprehensive. If the humidity is high, there is no light and high temperature, the humidity has little effect on the damage of the simulated animal doll. If it is wet and hot and there is light, the damage and damage to the model will be great. Light is an activation energy, which mainly destroys the carbon chain of organic matter and accelerates the aging of the material, which not only causes the color of the hairiness to fade, but also causes the fiber to become brittle due to photooxidation. Animal models are substances that are very sensitive to light, and the maximum illumination cannot exceed 50 lx. Display artificial animal dolls, all willing to use artificial light source (shadowing natural light source), but it must be used correctly, such as using anti-UV film, avoid direct and concentrated illumination, the shorter the illumination time and intensity, the weaker the better, the light source and The farther the object is, the better. At the same time, remember that the animal specimens should not be exposed to the sun after being damp. There are different amounts of mixture of sand, smoke, smoke, salt, pollen, lime, and alkali in the air. It is dirty, worn, corroded or bonded to various animal specimens, and it is spread. A shelter for breeding fungi and pests. However, the conditions and facilities of the current warehouse (showroom) are good, especially the dust-proof conditions are good. It is worth noting that the dust and sediment brought in by the staff and outsiders when entering the warehouse (showroom) should be prevented. The general warehouse (showroom) is equipped with a dust-proof buffer belt.

If you want to keep it safe, it is daily cleaning. You can use dusting, cleaning, etc. After using the rag to dip the alcohol, simulate the animal doll to wipe it with the hair, and wipe it from top to bottom to achieve the effect of dust removal and stain removal.

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